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Yuba River rainbow

Hook into a Yuba River rainbow and you’ll wonder why you haven’t fished this river sooner. All the fish are native, wild trout with a reputation for their tenacious fighting ability. The high quality of the dry fly fishing further distinguishes the Yuba River from other Central Valley rivers. Hatches start with winter skwala stones and blue wing olives. As spring approaches march brown mayflies, as well as sparse caddis hatches and a few pale morning duns have added themselves to the mix. By May PMDs, little yellow stones, and caddis are coming off. Caddis, golden stones and gray drakes take over in June, then hoppers in late July and August. Fall rounds out the season with good evening caddis hatches and exciting emerger fishing on swung flies.
guided marque

Prime Season
  March through May.
September through November.
  Rainbow trout.
  Walkwade, Drift Boat.
  $550. One or two persons per guide.
  Lunch. Rod/reel will be provided upon request.

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