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Lower Sacramento River rainbow

Home to the largest population of wild rainbow trout in California, the Lower Sac provides great year-round fishing opportunities. The blizzard caddis catch heralds the arrival of Spring and signals the beginning of the catching season on the Lower Sac. Fishing remains steady throughout the summer months due to constant water temperature releases from Keswick Dam. Our favorite time to fish the river is during the fall and winter. When the salmon are spawning it’s not uncommon to catch multiple trophy trout over 20”. During the fall and winter, it is also possible to catch steelhead en route to the hatchery on Battle Creek. Drift boat trips are available.
guided marque

Prime Season
  March through June.
September through December.
  Rainbow trout.
  Drift Boat.

$550. One or two persons per guide.

  Lunch. Rod/reel will be provided upon request.

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