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striped bass
Delta striped bass are quickly earning a well deserved reputation among fly anglers. Stripers are big, strong, aggressive fish that eat flies in shallow water. The most amazing thing is that the Delta is within a one hour drive of the Bay Area or Sacramento. If you have wanted to try this fishery, or have tried it with limited success, our seminar is for you. The morning session will cover the habits of striped bass, rigging and equipment, fishing locations and techniques, and knot tying. Afternoon session will include shooting head casting instruction, fly tying, and on-the-water demonstration.class and clnic marque

Skill Level
  Beginning - Novice
Class Size
  Limited to 24 students (3 instructors).
  $150 per person. Includes lunch and take-home instructional booklet.
  Sugar Barge Marina on Bethel Island
  September 27.

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