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spey casting class

Trout anglers broadening their flyfishing horizons to include steelhead and salmon are increasingly turning their attention to the use of double handed rods. Double handed rods, also known as “spey” rods after the style of casting, can be spotted with regularity on Central Valley and North Coast salmon and steelhead rivers in Northern California. Our experienced spey casting instructors will quickly teach you how to handle a two-handed rod with confidence. Different spey casts (switch, double spey, circle, and snap-t) will be covered, as well as selection of the proper equipment for different river types and species of fish.
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Skill Level
  Beginning - Intermediate
Class Size
  Limited to 6 students.
  $150 per person.
  Sacramento River, Feather River, American
  May 17 .
  11-14 ft, 6-10 wt spey rod. Reel and floating spey line to match. A rod/reel/line set-up will be provided upon request.

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