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A combination of the Flyfishing Evening Primer and Beginning Flycasting classes, followed by real live fishing! The day starts with an in-depth discussion covering the essentials of flyfishing: equipment, rigging and knots, basic entomology, reading water, and an overview of basic flyfishing techniques. After the information-packed discussion session, we will teach you the fundamentals of flycasting. And best of all, we will conclude the day fishing a private pond loaded with bass and bluegill.
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Skill Level
  Novice - Beginning
Class Size
  Limited to 6 students.
  $175 per person. Includes take-home instructional booklet.
  Clear Creek Sports Club.
  May 17; June 21; August 2.
  Fly rod, reel, fly line. Shoes that can get wet. A rod/reel/line set-up will be provided upon request.

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