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Shooting head set-up
Whether you’re casting heavy sinking lines in the Delta for striped bass or in the Sacramento River for shad, being able to distance cast can mean the difference between catching fish or being a “few feet” short. Casting 8 to 10 weight fly rods, heavy sinking lines, and bulky flies requires an entirely different technique than casting trout rods. Our expert striped bass guides will teach you the essentials of casting a heavy rod and shooting head for maximum distance with control and accuracy.
class and clinic marque

Skill Level
Class Size
  Limited to 6 students.
  $75 per person.
  Albany and Chico stores.
  June 7; October 4.
  9 ft, 6-9 wt fly rod. Reel, shooting head set-up to match. A rod/reel/line set-up will be provided upon request.

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