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steelhead clinic
Each year steelhead and salmon migrate from the Pacific Ocean to their natal streams that line the North Coast. To successfully pursue them requires understanding the factors that influence their migration, and knowing when to use traditional swinging or slack-line indicator nymphing techniques. You will learn traditional fishing techniques for swinging flies as well as slack line indicator nymphing techniques for single-handed and two-handed rods. This clinic will teach you: Choosing fishing techniques for different water conditions; timing the run; selecting equipment and flies; and the merits of using single-handed versus two-handed rods. As a special bonus, you will learn the casting technique that is currently sweeping Northern California waters–spey casting indicators with a single-handed rod!class and clinic marque
Skill Level
  Beginning - Intermediate
Class Size
  5 students per instructor
  $275 per person.
  Feather River, Sacramento River
  September 27; November 1, 29.
  9-10 ft, 6-8 wt fly rod. Reel and floating and sink-tip or shooting head fly line to match. Spey rod 11-14 ft, 6-10 wt. Reel and floating to match. Felt soled wading boots, waders. A rod/reel/line set-up will be provided upon request.

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