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slack line nymphing clinic
Success on large rivers requires specific techniques in order to quickly and thoroughly cover the water and locate trout during non-hatch periods. We will teach you the specialized techniques of slack line nymphing, such as “stack mending” and “shaking out” line, that allow you to achieve long dead-drifts. You will learn casting techniques that help keep a big indicator, split-shot, and two-fly rig from becoming a giant bird’s nest. Also covered: selecting rod length; fly lines and rigging; and reading water in order to achieve better drifts.
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Skill Level
Beginning - Intermediate.
Class Size
5 students per instructor
$275 per person.
Lower Yuba River, Lower Feather River
May 3; October 18; November 15.
9-9.5 ft 5-7 wt fly rod. Reel and floating fly line to match. Felt soled wading boots, waders. A rod/reel/line set-up will be provided upon request.

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